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The real concept of old age home is getting clear day by day to the people in our country which was beyond their imagination even before few decades. This has happened because of the radical changes that the person of our country has faced in many aspects but particularly in socio-economic scenario in the last twenty-five years. Abolishment of joint family system and introduction of small family arrangements has brought the urgent necessities of proper rehabilitation of the older generation people those were living under the shed of a joint family system in our society.

Here comes the idea of Homes for the Sr. Citizens in other words the rehabilitation of the old people of the present society of our country. It will not be fare to blame the present generation people that they are not ready or keen to accept the responsibility to look after their aged family members but they are somehow rather forced for the changed circumstances for keeping the commitments towards their professional responsibility as well as their livelihood.

Eradication of poverty
Health care
Transgender welfare
Medical Activities
Care of disadvantaged old person.
Upliftment of disabled persons.
Protecting the child in need of care and protection
Educational Activities
Nature Calamity Activities