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Vinayaka Need Charitable Trust is a registered, social service organization established in January -2015 with the aim of assisting poor, sick and disabled people in the developing world. It started to work for the people who are really under the clutches of poverty and social backwardness. It provides help to the needy, education for poor children, funds for good causes, and all kind of social services like health camps, public awareness programmer. The trust is led by founder MRS. K. Rajeswari, she worked at Corporate Company in Coimbatore,

Here comes the idea of Homes for the Sr. Citizens in other words the rehabilitation of the old people of the present society of our country. It will not be fare to blame the present generation people that they are not ready or keen to accept the responsibility to look after their aged family members but they are somehow rather forced for the changed circumstances for keeping the commitments towards their professional responsibility as well as their livelihood. So the society has accepted as a whole that a separate arrangement of rehabilitation of Sr. Citizens has emerged throughout the country. We also thought to participate in this noble cause and share the budding of the society and hence have ventured with our project Homage for the Sr. Citizens.


AtVinayaka Need Charitable Trust , we provide care, shelter, food, clothing and medical treatment to all the children who have been admitted. Though abandoned by their biological families, various Child Welfare committees, Child Help Lines, the police and Government Welfare Departments have rescued and referred them to us. Currently, there are more than 100 children of various age groups residing at the Vinayaka Need Charitable Trust .


To empower the nation by strengthening and developing human values through appropriate training in order to bring harmony among both intra and inter species in order to ensure the sustainability of our environment.


To help with financial support to the Deserving/Destitute victims of contagious and non contagious Diseases across India. Rehabilitation support to the children, elders and also to the victims of Natural Devastations.

More About Our Trust

Vinayaka Need Charitable Trust, a Non-Profit organization is in the field of service since 2015. Uplifting people and society, targeting 10,000+ lives per year. We provide Care,Food,Shelter, Clothing,Event On Education,Empowerment and Medical Treatment to all the Children's